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How to manage fleet data in Latam’s largest automobile market

How to manage fleet data in Latam’s largest automobile market

Info management and fleet reporting are vital to achieving successful fleet operations but what info do we want to holding monitor of in Latin America’s most significant car or truck current market, Brazil, and how do we go about executing it?

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Without a question, there are many types of info to focus on. Nevertheless, with much more than 80 persons dying from website traffic linked accidents in Brazil each individual day, protection and stability is of utmost great importance, in accordance to gurus in Brazil.  

Investing in safety and protection does pay out off and you will certainly see a return on expenditure, in accordance to Sergio Jabali (pictured left) who is CTO of Brazilian telematics company Golfleet.

To maximize protection, acquiring a fleet of linked automobiles is important. For a person, this means utilizing engineering which enables interaction involving fleet supervisors or OEMs and the automobiles and drivers on roads.

“Regarding fleet administrators, when putting collectively your coverage, do not zero in on modifying the damaging habits of bad drivers (e.g. speeding) as this can get complicated. Initially explain what undesirable behaviors are. You can then emphasize poor steps but target far more on awarding very good behavior,” says Mr. Jabali.

To connect motorists with organizations, a new resource acknowledged as Golfleet Driver was introduced in November, presenting features this kind of as facial recognition and driver ID to assure protection in fleet functions.

Although dashing is the most typical site visitors ticket in Brazil (66{7b5a5d0e414f5ae9befbbfe0565391237b22ed5a572478ce6579290fab1e7f91} of infractions), the device allows with gas savings and the reduction of brake and tire use, as perfectly as lessening the amount of traffic tickets.

“We cannot neglect that possessing a connected fleet also involves motor vehicle to automobile link as nicely as staying linked to the regional infrastructure,” states local advisory board member for the automotive and mobility sectors Ricardo Bacellar (pictured ideal). 






5G all around the corner

Even though not a vital require nonetheless, significantly of this connectivity can be facilitated by 5G. 

Today, 4G and 5G desire is still really new in Brazil.  All the dots are not linked however, but it will truly start connectivity at the time it gets rolling,” says Fernando Moura (pictured still left) who is the Marketing and Profits Manager for Standard Motors (GM) in Brazil.

Just one practical resource to spotlight in Brazil is the Whatsapp cell app. The moment fleet supervisors get a auto with GM, they have immediate conversation by means of Whatsapp. Other channels are also accessible this kind of as e-mail, web page resources, and other cell applications.

“Currently, 4G is serving the market properly and we see 5G as the facilitator for autonomous autos as properly as V2X (motor vehicle to all the things). In conditions of infrastructure, everything will be clever (gas stations, toll roadways, and extra),” suggests Ford mobility and new business supervisor Luciano Driemeier (pictured suitable).





Really do not neglect Cybersecurity

Connectivity is a wonderful profit, but fleet supervisors require to observe out as they are targets of cyberattacks. Hackers can encrypt your data and then place it into a virtual secure which only can be opened with a password. They can even hack the sensors in your cars.

“These criminals are professionals which are targeted on robbing millions of pounds, if not more. Cameras and security guards are great, but your information is in the cloud and that is where 1000’s of criminals are lurking,” says Cisco regional cybersecurity chief Fernando Zamai (pictured still left).

“Through ransomware, criminals acquire your data an hold it for ransom. The hackers are constantly one action ahead. You do not want information and the command of your autos to be in their fingers. Possibility cannot be removed, but it can be mitigated,” says IBM Latam security chief Flávio Cruz (pictured right).

With all issues reported, we can all glimpse ahead to a slew of fascinating innovations which will assist us enhance our functions. Just really don’t forget cyber security in and the planet in excess of as this is a critical difficulty.

The executives spoke at the PARAR Global Meeting 2022 in Sao Paulo Brazil, media lover of International Fleet and Fleet LatAm.