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How many Hot Wheels are there in the world? Doors vs wheels debate rage

How many Hot Wheels are there in the world? Doors vs wheels debate rage

Twitter’s door vs wheels debate continues with the argument that there are more wheels due to the popularity of Hot Wheels, the model toy car. So, how many are there in the world? It’ll give us a starting figure for how many wheels currently exist.

The latest debate to take over Twitter: Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

Ignited by user Ryan Nixon, the poll dated 5 March 2022 has since garnered over 200k responses and 11.2k likes – that’s just on the original tweet.

It’s been four days, yet arguments are still in its peak, mostly because no one can truly figure out what counts as a door. Do advent calendar doors and cupboards make the cut?

One strong case from Team Doors is the Hot Wheels argument, the American toy car company which launched in 1968.

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How many Hot Wheels are there in the world?

If you think that Hot Wheels are just for kids, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. While children are making vrooming noises as they race their vehicles, their fathers are most likely admiring their toy car collection with pride.

The company has even tapped into the luxury market with their Gucci collaboration of the Cadillac Seville – it’s currently being resold at £336, a £246 markup from the retail price.

According to several sites, 16.5 toys are produced every second and over six billion Hot Wheels have been sold since 1968. That’s more than the number of cars that have been manufactured and sold by the Big 3 automakers: General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Stellantis.

To put it into perspective, a line of all Hot Wheels cars would circle the Earth more than 4 times, if placed end-to-end.

More importantly, two billion toy wheels are reportedly produced per year, so unless doors can beat that figure, that answer to the debate could truly be wheels.

Team Doors are convinced they’ve won

Hot Wheels fans are confident that wheels is the answer given the popularity of the toy. They’ve even thrown in all the other companies that also produce vehicles, such as Lego. Basically every brand would have produced some form of vehicle.

However, if Hot Wheels count, then the doors on the toy car surely make the cut. Although, not all cars have four doors, so perhaps wheels are in the lead.

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