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Four Philosophies. Four Generations. How Mechanic And Shop Owner Audra Fordin Has Changed The Perception Of Automotive Repair

Four Philosophies. Four Generations. How Mechanic And Shop Owner Audra Fordin Has Changed The Perception Of Automotive Repair

Educate not intimidate. Present and inform. Tell not offer. Provider not sales. These are the four philosophies established by her grandfather that Audra Fordin nonetheless upholds as the fourth-era owner and operator at Good Bear Car Repair in Flushing, New York, 20 many years following getting the shop.

As a child, Audra only preferred to do one particular thing: operate alongside her father and grandfather at Fantastic Bear Automobile Repair. Whilst other young ones her age used their weekends playing, she was busy understanding how to do wheel alignments in the pit.

“I was one particular of the fellas escalating up listed here and was taken care of like a person of the fellas … but not by the prospects,” suggests Audra.

Alternatively of looking to her as the authority, irrespective of her qualifications as a accredited mechanic, the clientele would routinely request someone else for assistance. It was a disconnect Audra understood she had to tackle early on, so she took the wheel, took cost, and established a system to pave the way for much better communication with her clients.

Rapidly forward to the present working day, the bulk of Audra’s patrons are ladies who like looking at other ladies doing work together with her. “Being a lady in the vehicle market is an chance to empower other girls,” she suggests. She resolved to host a workshop, open up the hood, and invite people to appear, for free of charge, to see what techniques they could consider on on their own.

Therefore, the Gals Automobile Know and Drivers Auto Know websites had been born to demystify car repair. By breaking the motor vehicle into eight crucial segments and relating it to points buyers could very easily fully grasp, Audra’s natural means to educate kicked in, generating those people close to her feel at ease with their comprehending of their motor vehicle. She started off connecting motorists with trustworthy auto outlets that were being targeted on schooling and customer care, sparking a good improve in the local community.

“I have been marching this mission for Ladies Vehicle Know and proving that this disconnect is repairable,” Audra states. As a professional in her subject, she’s created it her responsibility and obligation to make guaranteed drivers are empowered to make confident routine maintenance choices.

“For 4 generations, Techron and Havoline have been used at my store and I’ve advisable them to my clients mainly because I use them in my own autos.” —Audra Fordin

“If you can give persons information in a way that they can comprehend, then it is like connecting the dots: the light bulbs go off,” she states. “Every driver that will come into my car shop is empowered with information and facts that they will need so that they can make wise selections about their motor vehicle.”

Audra knows that educated motorists are secure motorists. “Thirteen percent of accidents that happen on the street are instantly similar to lousy auto maintenance, which implies you can manage that if you have some info,” she suggests. It is why it’s in no way been much more significant for her to concentration on that first philosophical pillar – teach not intimidate.

Techron and Havoline have been extensive-trustworthy brands at Wonderful Bear Automobile Restore. “For 4 generations, Techron and Havoline have been made use of at my shop and I’ve proposed them to my buyers since I use them in my own automobiles,” she suggests. As a certified mechanic, she is familiar with that Techron Comprehensive Fuel Program Cleaner is a good way to maintain your gas and emission method.

How Mechanic and Shop Owner Audra Fordin Has Changed the Perception of Automotive Repair
How Mechanic and Shop Owner Audra Fordin Has Changed the Perception of Automotive Repair

Audra’s observed the favourable rewards firsthand, which is why she encourages her clients and workshop attendees to use Techron and Havoline products and solutions in their motor vehicles, as effectively. “By holding your engine and gasoline injectors clean, you essentially assistance your car to run superior, you get superior performance, and you have superior gasoline mileage.”

To learn extra about the positive aspects of using Techron and Havoline items in your automobile, visit and Want to find a Girls Auto Know workshop or trusted vehicle store near you? Stop by to develop into a much more empowered driver.