December 8, 2022

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Car Products Under 999: To Make Your Vehicle Better In Performance, Hygiene, And Looks | Most Searched Products

When you look to adorn your vehicle with useful car products, online is a great platform to make your purchase. Now, if you’re concerned about monetary constraints, you will be glad to know that there’re are many car products under Rs 999. These car products range from storage organizers, cleaning products, steering wheel covers, and so on. You can easily install these car products easily. These car care products are appreciated for their reliability, perfect fitting, and impressive finish.

So, if you are in the pursuit of car products under Rs 999, get yourself familiar with some of the top-notch purchase options available online in India:

Car products under Rs 999


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Lukzer comes up with this car storage organizer in black color. This car console side storage organizer gives you additional space to keep items like smartphones, wallets, keys, pens, and many more. Along with this, the offered car organizer can be easily installed into the gaps between your seat and center console. This car side organizer is available in the 24.6 x 17.6 x 5.8 cm dimension and weighs around 320 grams.
Price: Rs 599.

Purchase this awesome car cleaning combo from Winberg that is ideal to keep your vehicle hygienic. The offered combo includes a microfiber duster, a cleaning brush, a washing scrub, a glass wiper, and superior gloves. All these products allow you to easily clean your car with ease and effectiveness. The offered car duster comes with an expandable telescopic handle, ensuring a better grip.
Price: Rs 599.

If you are concerned about your car getting scratched when parked outside due to extreme weather conditions, why not get a high-performance body cover? This car body cover comes in a silver matty color and is available in the 36 x 5 x 29 cm dimension. Moreover, the offered car body cover is appreciated for its water resistance, long shelf life, and superior design.
Price: Rs 565.

To ensure passenger comfort, buy this car seat back organizer from Allextreme that comes in black color. Available in the 28 x 17 x 8 cm dimension, the offered car seat organizer is designed using high-quality leather and is versed with a luxurious iPad pocket, cup holders, an umbrella pocket, a tissue drawing pocket, and other spacious compartments. This sturdy foldable tray comes with a bottom strap and is waterproof in nature.
Price: Rs 719.

And since it is quintessential to keep your car’s documents safely inside your vehicle, getting this car document holder makes the perfect sense. The offered car document holder is available in the 23.5 x 18.5 x 2.5 cm dimension and comes in brown color. Moreover, this car document holder is available with 3 pockets for credit or business cards, 2 pockets for vehicle documents, and 1 pocket for pen & pencils.
Price: Rs 549.

Check out this amazing car LED strip light from Sulfar that comes in an ice blue color. This car LED strip light has a working voltage of 12 V. The offered product comes with a soft ABS decoration strip sticker and is extremely easy to install. In addition to this, the offered car LED strip light is available in the ‎2 x 2 x 2 cm dimension and weighs around 100 grams.
Price: Rs 536.

To ensure your car’s door doesn’t get scratched or dinged, purchase this stupendous door edge guard from Autosky. Available in a length of 5 meters, this car door edge guard is designed using premium quality carbon fiber. Easy to install, the offered car door edge guard is appreciated for its anti-collision nature, water resistance, and long shelf life.
Price: Rs 489.

Don’t miss this car cup tissue box from AUTOCRUZE that will ensure you keep your hand and face cleaned during the drive. Perfect when you’re eating inside your car, this car cup tissue box comes in black color and is made using premium quality PU leather. The offered car tissue box is known for its perfect fitting, space-saving design, and full-functionality. This product is available in the 19 x 10 x 7 cm dimension and weighs around 50 grams.
Price: Rs 599.

To ensure your long driving hours are not affected by back pains, purchase this impeccable car seat support from EASYDEX. The offered car seat back support comes in black color and is designed using top-notch vinyl. Moreover, this car back support comes with a ventilated seat cushion and is known for its adjustable lumbar support. The offered car back support is appreciated for its unique mesh design.
Price: Rs 659.

To make your car smell ecstatic, buy this impressive car air freshener from AutoBizarre. The offered car air freshener comes in black color and has a metal body. In addition to this, the offered car air freshener is available in the ‎20 x 15 x 7 cm dimension and weighs around 210 grams. This car air freshener is known for its exquisite design, appealing look, and robust make.
Price: Rs 699.

Fix this car dashboard accessory from PARADIGM PICTURES that comes in a figure of legendary physicist Albert Einstein. This car dashboard accessory comes in the 23 x 13 x 8 cm dimension and weighs around 300 grams. Along with this, the offered car dashboard bobblehead is around 8-inches tall and is known for its unique design and robust nature.
Price: Rs 798.

When your car is stuck, you require a good-quality towing rope. Try this heavy-duty car towing pull rope from VRT that comes in a 5-meter length. In addition to this, the offered car towing pull rope is designed using A-Okay stainless steel and is available in blue color. This car towing rope comes with 2 drop forged steel hooks and is known for its long shelf life, high performance, and robust nature.
Price: Rs 649.

To ensure your long driving session is filled with nothing but comfort, get this superior car center console armrest cushion from Autofurnish. This car armrest cushion comes in a black-red color combination and is designed using first-string memory foam. Along with this, the offered car armrest cushion is known for its easy installation, professional design, and ergonomic make.
Price: Rs 550.

Equipping this car steering wheel cover from Newlly will ensure that you can drive comfortably. Available in black color, this car steering wheel cover is stitched using premium quality leather and is ideal for mid-sized vehicles. The offered car steering wheel cover is appreciated for its reliable performance, compact design, smooth texture, and tear resistance.
Price: Rs 585.

Now ensure eating in your food is totally easy and hygienic by purchasing this car food tray from credsy. The offered car food tray is manufactured using premium quality PVC material, which ensures its durability, non-toxic nature, and maximum strength. Moreover, this car food tray comes with a 360-degree swivel and has a non-skid surface.
Price: Rs 950.

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