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A Detailed Look At The 1957 Ford Thunderbird

A Detailed Look At The 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird is also called T-bird, produced in 11 versions between the year 1955 when it was first produced until 2005. The launching of the Thunderbird car combines different features; sportiness, luxury, and comfort. The Ford Thunderbird built its first identity as a personal luxury car. Ford built the Thunderbird to compete with the Corvette car in the automobile industry. However, Ford withdrew from competing with Corvette later.

Like every other automobile, the Ford automobile got into the automobile market as a response to the 1953 Motorama display. The first generation of the Thunderbird produced is a two-seat convertible, which spanned between 1955 and 1957.

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Here’s What You Should Know About The 1957 Ford Thunderbird

In 1957, the first generation got reshaped, birthing the 1957 Ford Thunderbird. The 1957 model came with a reshaped front bumper. The car’s tailfins and grille were large, making it fitted. The Thunderbird script got a new position towards the front fenders instead of the fins. Due to the level of redesign and rebranding the 1957 Thunderbird experienced, Ford sales improved in the automobile industry.

Considering the efficiency of the 1957 Ford Thunderbird, Ford sold 21,380 units.

Undoubtedly, Thunderbird was a great car with an amazing reputation in the automobile industry. However, the Thunderbird was the last two-seater Ford ever sold before Ford created the 4-seater sports car with more weight.

The 1957 Ford Thunderbird: Interior Style And Designs That Make Amazing Statements

The 1957 Thunderbird comes with a large porthole and a removable hardtop. These new features set the car apart from its competition, especially the Corvette. The 1957 interior makes a statement of its sportiness and personal luxury.

The car comes with a smaller half-ring attached to its spokes. The large-size steering wheel sits in front of the bubble that homes the gauges. The main gauge got positioned above the steering column, while the remaining smaller gauges stays on the center panel. The center panel extends down the panels and the whole dash. The dash houses the control for the radio and ventilation system. The car also comes with an automatic transmission that controlled by the shift knob.

The 1957 thunderbird comes with better drivability, power steering, and windows. Based on Automotive mileposts, there had been complaints about the passenger compartment, poor visibility, too warm, limited passenger capacity, and luggage compartment. These complaints were tangible reasons why Ford re-purposed the Thunderbird and rebranded it as a 4-seater car. Thus, the rebranded 1958 made amends to the customers’ complaints.

The 1957 Ford Thunderbird Has A Restyled Exterior1957 Ford Thunderbird Greatest Ford Design for the T Bird Ever

The 1957 Thunderbird brought a befitting new grille along. The car features a new front bumper, alongside a longer rear overhang to fit the spare wheel at the back of the trunk. The front fascia had a more boxy appearance, and the bumper accommodated the grille. The other side of the grille got incorporated into the overhang bumper. Similarly, the twin headlights, metal eyebrows, and the round-edge hood features remained the same. The 1957 Thunderbird is quite beautiful and elegant, with a front bumper that continues to the back end, despite the elevated tailfins.

The shape of the doors gave the car a masculine appearance, and the car’s hardtop got integrated into the pillars. Although all of these don’t help the driver in any way, the large windshield does serve as the driver’s companion. Despite the wide windshield, several customers complained about this limitation. Nevertheless, the car’s bodywork and color are inevitably an irresistible car.

The 1957 Ford Thunderbird Adopts A Supercharged Drivetrain

The 1957 Thunderbird engine features a 90 degree V8 cylinder layout, 2 valves per cylinder and an overhead valve gear. Powered by a 5.1 liter capacity, aspirated engine. The engine has an output of power at 480 rpm, 270 hp (274 PS/201 kW) and maximum torque of 454 N.m at 3200rpm. Power gets transferred to the wheels of the car via a 3 speed manual transmission. The 1957 car is pretty fast, with a top speed of 124 mph. It has a fuel consumption of at least 19.51/100 km/14.5 mpg (imp.)

The 1957 Thunderbird standard engine comes with a 245 hp power and a Hailey Carburetors. Another engine came with a Paxton supercharger rated at 224kW (300 hp). Although the Thunderbird recorded a large amount of sales of 21,380 units for the 1957 model, Ford’s executives felt that the car could have achieved more success in the automobile industry.

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Our Conclusion On The 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Thunderbird quite outdid its competitors, especially in the American market. Many Americans bought the car in large numbers. Thus, it gained its recognition as one of America’s Sportscars even before the Corvette could own the title. Sadly, the limitations around the Thunderbird bodywork and interior couldn’t compete in the sports car industry. In 1958, Vette overtook the mantle.

Unfortunately, Ford never pursues the ambition to stay relevant in the sports market. We can only imagine how the Thunderbird would have looked in the ’70s to ’90s if Ford company had maintained its reputation.

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