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10 AI Innovations that are Transforming the Automobile Industry

AI innovations

The advent of these AI innovations has truly revolutionized the automobile industry.

The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, IoT, and many more into vehicles has dramatically changed the image of the automobile industry. The automobile industry has started leveraging AI in the whole process starting from designing to after-sale service and drivers’ safety. Artificial intelligence has laid down the foundation for smarter vehicles in smart cities through this industry. Multiple hi-tech automotive companies have started leveraging cutting-edge technologies to strive in the competitive market with the utmost customer satisfaction.


Top 10 AI Innovations in Automobile Industry

3D Printers: The introduction of 3D printers has transformed the automobile industry in the last few years. The industry utilizes 3D printers for creating automotive prototypes to check fitness, making aesthetically pleasant parts, designing efficient car models, and many more. One of the important technologies behind 3D printers is Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) that is used for the production as well as end-use parts in the automobile industry.

Smart Helmets: Smart helmets are one of the most important AI innovation in this industry for the safety of drivers. Smart helmets are completely different from traditional helmets for the implementation of GSM and GPS technologies. Drivers are inclined towards smart helmets owing to its advanced technology to call an ambulance or a family member post-accident, the presence of operation vibration sensors, alcohol sensors, crash alerts, LED lights, and many more.

Autonomous Vehicles
: Autonomous vehicle (AV) is the hottest topic in this industry to provide major help to citizens. Multiple hi-tech giants are aiming at manufacturing autonomous vehicles across the world. AV is capable of sensing the nearby environment and driving on its own without any human driver on the driver’s seat. It can go anywhere like a classical car after entering the destination. It is very useful for senior citizens to have freedom and independence to roam around in the city.

Collaborative Robots:
Collaborative robots or cobots are thriving in this industry with their smart functionalities such as machine loading, machine tending, inspection, assembly in productions, and many more efficiently and effectively. Cobots tend to work with human employees to enhance outcomes, consistency, flexibility, and support without any potential error.

Machine Vision
: Machine vision is known as a key technology for optimizing different processes in value chain including quality assurance, production, logistics, and many more. The automobile industry is leveraging machine vision for unambiguous object detection, accelerating existing production processes, eliminating potential errors or risks, and so on. It has high speed where the algorithms need milliseconds to detect, analyze, and process sufficient data from images.

Automated Guided Vehicles: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have started providing multiple benefits to the automobile industry such as reduction in direct labour cost, eliminating workforce shortage, removing potential errors, limiting heavy goods handling, scalability, enhancing productivity, ensuring better safety, and many more. AGVs are known for carrying assembly lines while being forklift-sized wheeled carts to use software in navigating their movements efficiently and effectively.

Driver Monitoring System: Driver monitoring system is emerging as one of the top AI innovations for alerting drivers during drowsiness, distraction, and so on to avoid fatal road accidents. It is also known as a driver state sensing that utilizes a driver-facing hi-tech camera with infrared LEDs on the dashboard to track the eye movements of drivers. There is advanced on-board software that collects the data and creates an initial baseline of the normal active driver. It analyzes whether the driver is blinking more, feeling dizzy, narrowing the eyes, and other eye movements to issue audio alerts to keep him alert.

AI Cameras: The integration of AI cameras in different vehicles has increased revenues in the automobile industry. Drivers are preferring cars with AI cameras to provide safety to oneself as well as family members. These AI cameras are providing multiple services to drivers with a combination of multi-path approach as well as artificial intelligence for image or video recognition to make roads much safer.

Vehicle Tracking Software:
The automobile industry has recognized the importance of vehicle tracking software to locate the vehicle efficiently and effectively. GPS is set to provide a live update of different locations of a vehicle and its condition. It helps in the recovery of a stolen vehicle and provides details on fuel, speed, engine, and many more. There is an advanced mapping feature to zoom in to the street level with a close and accurate view for analysing routes without any error and wastage of time.

Automotive Insurance
: Automotive insurance plays an important role in this smart automobile industry. Drivers can perform their own auto damage assessment for their respective insurance companies without any potential error. There will be on-screen instructions on how to video the damage and later submit it for an automotive insurance claim. Artificial intelligence will inform drivers how to repair and the total cost covered by the insurance.


The Future of AI in Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is waiting for more evolving and ever-changing trends of artificial intelligence to enhance productivity and manufacture smarter vehicles. The implementation of artificial intelligence is set to protect the safety of drivers and provide a good experience to passengers in the nearby future. Multiple hi-tech companies are aiming to capture the automotive industry by leveraging their artificial intelligence experience. Customers have started placing trust and faith in artificial intelligence algorithms behind the steering wheel and it has a major growth prospect in the future.

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