May 27, 2024

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Zion Lutheran students celebrate 100th day of school with antique car | Local News

KEARNEY — Zion Lutheran School students celebrated their 100th day of school with a 100-year-old car.

Students hopped inside the 1922 Velie and took turns honking the car’s horn. They giggled as they piled in the spacious backseat and began to explore different parts of the old car.

Kindergarten teacher, Jamie Nikodym, had the idea to bring the antique vehicle to the school to help students conceptualize 100 years, she explained.

Jamie’s father, John, has about 40 antique cars, and she grew up around the vehicles.

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John enjoys collecting what he calls “oddball cars” like the Velie, that were made from 1908 until 1929. John regularly participates in car tours, often taking his children with him. He has driven in 48 states and Canada.

Jamie asked her dad last year if he’d bring a car for the 100th day of school celebration. He tells each class a little bit about the vehicle, and they all get the chance to sit in the Velie and honk its horn.

John explains to the fifth-, sixth- and seventh-grade students that the car typically cost about $1,200 in 1922. The Velie had no windows on the doors, and passengers would use curtains to stay warm in the wintertime, John told the group. Fully enclosed vehicles didn’t become popular until 1925, he added.