June 24, 2024

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When Should I Change My Automatic Transmission Fluid?

When examining on a regular basis scheduled upkeep for your car or truck, points like examining the tire treads, brake pads, and motor oil usually leading the list. But even if you have an computerized transmission, you really should insert altering your transmission fluid to that record, even if you believe you really do not have to transform it. 

A mechanic under a car potentially changing fluids like transmission fluid.

A mechanic doing work on a vehicle | Getty Visuals

Why automatic transmission fluid is so important

Mobil reminds us that the fluids in your automobile provide the critical functionality of protecting and lubricating different sections. Because a car’s automated transmission works via a sequence of gears to adjust and modulate gears and velocity for you, holding these parts adequately lubricated is pivotal to the longevity of the transmission and your motor vehicle.