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This Tennessee Yard Littered With Abandoned Classic Cars Is Insane

This Tennessee Yard Littered With Abandoned Classic Cars Is Insane

A Tennessee yard is filled with various rusting vehicles, from VW Beetles, a Pontiac Trans Am Firebird and even a Ford Econoline RV too.

While it might be a sad sight for many, there is something very cool about finding a lot of cars dumped in a yard, barn or field. Such as this one in Tennessee that Auto Archaeology on YouTube came across in the summer of 2022. The YouTuber has been putting together a series of video showcasing what is in the yard, such is the amount of cars and vehicles sat in it. And the back of the yard shows plenty of amazing cars in this latest video.

The collector of these vehicles was a former Honda mechanic, and the yard is full of everything from thousands of motorcycles to classic cars like Ford Mustangs. Everything here is also up for sale, so if you fancy a bit of a restoration project then you need to get in touch with them. Because there are so many cars here crying out for a new home.

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Classic Muscle Cars Feature A Lot In The Tennessee Yard

As the description of the video show alludes to, there are a lot of muscle cars sitting in this yard and Ford Mustangs are aplenty in this section of it. The video though starts with a 1970 Comet two-door, as well as a big-block Ford Galaxie 500 convertible. Convertible is a somewhat loose term here as the whole roof is pretty much gone however, as we look inside there is a lot of the frame left still. Something else we spot is the huge collection of Volkswagen Beetles.

The Mustangs though are a highlight, with one in a light blue sat among pickup trucks and various other wrecks. A Ford Falcon is also here, among a Rambler and a Ranchero. Wherever you look, the cars just keep coming. The Ranchero is looking very sorry for itself, having very much seen better days. However, while the muscle cars and Beetles are very cool, the archaeologist has quite the surprise for us. Nestled among all these cars is a rather rusty and sad looking Ford Econoline RV, perhaps not what you would expect to see.

The Rusty Ford Econoline RV Is Still A Very Complete Example

Tennessee Yard Of Vehicles Ford Econoline RV
via Auto Archaeology YouTube Channel

A Ford Econoline RV is probably not what you expect to find rusting in a Tennessee yard. They are not the most common of classic Fords, but this one is remarkably complete despite the rust. It’s one of the most complete vehicles in the entire yard! It stands proud among all the trees and undergrowth, while above it is yet another Mustang. A rather delightful Dodge minivan is near to the RV. Showcasing some of the larger vehicles contained within this yard, yet the collection does not stop there.

As the video goes on, we are then left to see more and more incredible vehicles. And you have to wonder just how many exactly sit in this yard. Another surprise is the Pontiac Trans Am Firebird, tucked away deep into the back of the yard. There is rust, dirt and more covering the Trans Am Firebird, which is in good company next to a Mustang convertible. We are sure we are not the only ones who feel quite sad looking at this collection of cars. Some are in better condition than others with a Ford Falcon sports coupe looking very complete.

A Quirky And Rare Plymouth Horizon Is Another Surprise In The Yard

Tennessee Yard Of Vehicles Plymouth Horizon
via Auto Archaeology YouTube Channel

Something else we have to talk about is the rather unexpected sight of the Plymouth Horizon. A car that many people might have forgotten about. But the Horizon’s cousin, the Dodge Omni was the first Chrysler model line that was in fact produced with front-wheel drive. The Horizon, along with the Omni, was also the first front-wheel drive economy car assembled in the United States. It is hardly the most exotic car in the world. But it’s quite a rare sight in 2023 and seeing one in the junkyard simply reminds us that it existed.

Another Dodge minivan crops up from the wilderness, alongside a Fairlane 500 four-door and even an ambulance. Not what you think you’d find sat in a junkyard. So there really is a bit of everything here and it seems like the yard will go on and on forever.

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Practically Everything In This Tennessee Yard Is Up For Sale

Tennessee Yard Of Vehicles Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
via Auto Archaeology YouTube Channel

Fancy getting your hands on the Econoline RV or one of the several Mustangs that are sat in this yard? Well you are in luck. As stated in some of the previous videos on the channel, practically everything in this yard is up for sale. So if you are a fan of classic muscle cars, or of old RVs and minivans then the contact details are in the video description. We think the RV in particular might become quite the interesting restoration project, the possibilities for it being endless.

Source: Auto Archaeology YouTube Channel