December 4, 2023

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These Are 9 Of The Coolest Old School Wheels We’ve Ever Seen

When gauging the aesthetic appeal of a car, wheels serve to play a crucial role. Much like how a perfectly good outfit can be ruined by the wrong pair of shoes, finding the right rims for a car can make or break the way it is perceived by an audience. It could also be argued that the right set of wheels could salvage the appeal of a car that, shall we say, is lacking in design. These are the rims that make you stop and take notice and automatically draw your eye to the lower half of an automobile.

The above holds true especially for vintage cars that have a certain timeless appeal to them. These are the automobiles that age like fine wine and deserve a set of wheels that can enhance their regal nature. In recent times retro-looking wheels have been in vogue, especially with regard to restoring ones from previous generations. From the likes of BBS to O.Z. everyone seems to be getting in on the action, which has led to some truly unique and classic looks. Here is a list of 9 old-school designs we thought were cool.

9 BBS Turbofans

Germany-based BBS released their Turbofans alloys back in the 1970s. Designed primarily for sports cars, the wheels featured on a host of BMWs and Porsches and were even found on Corvettes and Skylines. While the wheels look stunning in their own right, they were designed with performance in mind and are said to aid in the aerodynamic performance of a car.

Turbofans also come in two forms, while what you see above is the standard form, i.e., a regular wheel, there are other versions that are more akin to a wheel cover.

8 EXIP Mega

The now-defunct EXIP brand came up with these rather distinct-looking wheels before going out of business. While there is not a lot of information regarding the brand, apart from their history being traced back to Europe, the EXIP Megas are somewhat of a cult classic amongst wheel aficionados, with these rims offering a truly unique throwback experience.

7 OZ Turbos


Italian manufacturer OZ is arguably the industry standard at this moment and time. The company is known for producing some high-grade wheels and is known for supplying a host of racing teams, including ones in Formula 1 and the WRC. With such pedigree, a set of OZ Turbos might be a sound investment, as the price of these alloys is likely to go up if well maintained.

6 Antera 109

Italian company Antera released these three-spoke beauties sometime during the 90s, and it’s safe to say these wheels have aged well. Unfortunately, the company no longer produces these wheels, despite their evident popularity and the fact that they were voted the Alloy Wheel Design Of The Year in 1994.

5 Takechi Project Hart

Our first Japanese entry on this list, the Takechi Project Hart are renowned for their distanced spoked looks. While original iterations may be hard to come by, the signature look can be found on several modern-day rim iterations.

4 SSR Formula Aero Spoke

SSR is another Japanese brand with a rich heritage and history. The company released its first set of wheels in 1971 and pioneered the JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel ) Certification in 1973.

Based in Nara, Japan, SSR is known for its time in motorsport. The company has won both the Formula Nippon and All Japan Touring Car Grand Prix Class A titles and has sponsored a host of teams on the global stage.

The Aero Spoke above can still be procured on the company’s website are available in 16, 18, and 19-inch configurations.

3 SSR SuperMesh

The second entry from SSR, the SuperMesh is a three-piece wheel that is a thing of beauty. The timeless mesh design can upgrade the aesthetic aspect of several cars and despite its evolution over the years, the wheels still stay true to original old-school design cues.

Available in silver and gold these wheels can be found on the SSR website and come in 16, 18, and 19-inch diameters.

2 Speed Star MK-I

SSR Wheels on Flickr (

The fourth Japanese offering on this list, the Speed Star MK-I is the wheel of choice for minimalists. While the design cues may come off as boring for some, the devil is in the detail. This three-piece construction sandwiches a center disk that makes it invisible to the naked eye.

Unlike some of the other alloys on this list, the wheels are made to order and come in a variety of widths and offsets.

1 Porsche Fuchs

The final entry on our list is the iconic Porsche Fuchs series. Designed and manufactured by Porsche, these wheels were the default option of the Porsche 911s produced in the 1960s.

Designed by Otto Fuchs, the lightweight wheels offered the car the promise of superior ride quality and were one of the first production alloys to feature a forged aluminum construction.

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