May 24, 2024

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There’s a Whole Facebook Group Dedicated to Swapping Stock Wheels Between Cars

Car Bibles has spelunked into some interesting corners of the car internet this week and discovered, among other things, a Facebook group dedicated to sharing pictures of factory OEM wheels on cars they didn’t come with. It can look surprisingly cool!

We also have some long-marinated opinions on the Mk8 VW Golf, auto finance tips, and some excellent RAV4 clutch-kicking caught on camera for you to enjoy.

Car Bibles is generally focused on DIY-related content, practical advice, cultural commentary, and automotive entertainment celebrating low- to medium-budget motoring. We’ve stepped up our schedule to six posts a day each week—including a daily feature photo—so if you like what you see below, I would love to see you over on our site to check out the rest of it! Anyway, on to the roundup:

There’s something bizarrely captivating (satisfying?) about seeing stock wheels from one car installed on another car that didn’t originally come with them. Peter Nelson found this Facebook group dedicated to spotting and sharing these car-wheel-swaps in the wild and it’s a great scroll.

Our resident Dubber Chris Rosales has this piping-hot take fresh out of the oven for you. His thesis is basically that, by stripping the latest (Mk8) Golf of its physical interior controls and other hallmarks of light elegance, VW has reduced the car’s appeal in a major way.

Stepan Papadakis is one of the true O.G.s of ’90s and ’00s tuner cars. He’s one of the best-known dudes who made huge horsepower in little Hondas decades ago, and his scene is basically what the first Fast and Furious flick was loosely based on.

To see him bouncing around the desert in an old RAV4 with Larry Chen (photographer and another legend of car culture) is just kind of magical. Also, how good does that little SUV look with those wheels?

As Kevin Williams shares — without proper financial education, it could be easy to fall into debt, which affects credit scores and big-ticket purchases. When buying a car, for example, poor credit could lead to a high-interest car loan with crummy terms.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with what you have, however. With work, credit scores can improve, and so too can your financing. If your car loan is reflective of where you were, not where you are, refinancing your car loan could be a smart way to save money.

Even at its worst, Honda’s never made a bad-driving Civic Si. The latest generation Honda Civic seems to be good, but we hadn’t heard anything about the sporty Si variant until now. With the first batch of new Civic Si reviews published this week, it’s time for our rundown! As usual, we’ve compiled and contextualized key quotes from a big range of test pilots to give you a lot of different perspectives on one car in one place.

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