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Should Coke Always Be Poured on Wheels When Traveling Alone?

Should Coke Always Be Poured on Wheels When Traveling Alone?

In February 2022, we reviewed a peculiar on line ad that confirmed Coke remaining poured out of a bottle on to a car tire and rim with the caption: “Always Place Coca-Cola On Your Wheels When Traveling On your own, Here’s Why.”

An online advertisement said to always place Coca-Cola or Coke on your tires or wheels when traveling alone and claimed to explain here's why.
Oh the joys of slideshow write-up clickbait.

We found the ad on various news internet sites along with reputable news stories. This may well have led some readers to feel that this was a actual and genuine tip that “always” wanted to be done, probably for a protection rationale.

We clicked the advertisement. It led to an 81-site slideshow post on a website identified as Seaside Raider. The headline browse: “Simple And Cost-effective Car Hacks Just about every Automobile Owner Should Know.” We clicked via all 81 web pages. On website page 81, the Coke bottle wheels suggestion ultimately showed up:

Clean Your Wheels With Coke

You have possibly read the expression “use Coke to clean this” a million instances, but a cola and dish detergent combination can clear away all of the road grime and brake dust from your rims and depart them shining. Some people fret that the soda would make matters stickier, but the detergent you use stops accumulation.

We did find many YouTube video clips that purported to exhibit that Coke and dish detergent could be applied to cleanse car tires, just as webpage 81 claimed.

Having said that, the advert was bogus and deceptive in that it claimed drivers should really “always put Coca-Cola on your wheels when traveling by yourself.” It hardly ever defined this because it was nothing far more than nonsensical clickbait.

Visitors may be asking yourself what was in the rest of the 81-page write-up. A person tip we appeared at said to use olive oil and a coffee filter on your car’s dashboard to hold it clear. Our initial assumed was that this may well make your vehicle odor like an Italian evening meal. Even so, to our surprise, Allstate Insurance policy Enterprise recommended this same suggestion in a movie on their YouTube channel:

In sum, no, motorists really do not need to have to “always” or truly ever “place” or pour Coke on their wheels (or tires and rims) when touring any place. Advertisers can seemingly be quite ingenious with their clickbait these days. We’re just glad that our readers don’t have to click through all 81 of all those internet pages.

If this story about placing Coke on tires seems acquainted, it’s due to the fact we earlier posted a truth verify about another advert that said to “always put a plastic bottle on your tires when parked.” That also was bogus.

Snopes debunks a large range of articles, and on the net ads are no exception. Misleading advertisements typically direct to obscure internet sites that host prolonged slideshow content with tons of web pages. It is referred to as promoting “arbitrage.” The advertiser’s goal is to make more cash on ads displayed on the slideshow’s pages than it price to exhibit the original advertisement that lured them to it. Feel no cost to post adverts to us, and be positive to include a screenshot of the advert and the connection to the place the advert qualified prospects.


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