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Owner Started This Ludicrous 100-Plus Muscle Car Collection At 16-Years Old

Owner Started This Ludicrous 100-Plus Muscle Car Collection At 16-Years Old

There’s so many classics stored, the collection spans multiple buildings.

muscle car collection
YouTube channel Classic Car Rescue

Any muscle car fanatic will want to feast their eyes on this incredible barn collection of muscle cars ever consisting of 110 rides. Look no further as this collection, which reports starting the collection when they were just 16 years old, has the most amazing collection ever. See some classic cars from the most popular muscle car manufacturers here is in this amazing collection from the Classic Car Rescue channel on YouTube.

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110 Rides For Muscle Car Fans To Feast Their Eyes On

The brother of the YouTube star has been getting tons of calls about the collection of 110 vintage muscle cars, many of which are up for auction. The video is a pretty big deal, which makes it even more exciting to witness. Seeing as the owner of the 110 rides has been collecting the muscle cars since he was 16 years old, they have been in his life a long time and therefore, might be difficult to get rid of.

There are plenty of incredible muscle rides such as the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454, a Plymouth Cuda, a Pontiac GTO, a Firebird convertible, and Mustangs.

The 110 rides fill up several buildings on the property, which continue to boast immense muscle cars that any enthusiast will desire.

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Collection Boasts Plymouth Road Runners

1971 Plymouth Road Runner
Greg Gjerdingen via Flickr

As much as muscle car enthusiasts will love a muscle car ride from any decade, the collection boasts plenty of the 1960s and 1970s Roadrunners, which makes the collection that extra bit special for the vintage classic car lover. There are some late-model Firebirds in there too, for those who love more modern muscle cars.

Therefore, the collection hosts many sharp rides. There isn’t just one Chevelle and one Mustang, the collection boasts several of each, which is pretty rare to find from one owner.

Showing off the collection makes the viewer realize just how many classic rides are within the barns. So much so that the man behind the camera apologizes for the length of the video as there really are that many classic muscles cars to get through.

Overall, the buildings are endless as it’s the classic muscle car collection. The rides are incredibly beautiful and in great condition as the owner makes sure to clean them up and take care of them. Therefore, any muscle car enthusiast will be in luck getting their hands on one that is up for auction.

Ken Lingenfelter muscle car collection yellow Corvette helmet
Inside Ken Lingenfelter’s Huge American Muscle Car Collection

Lingenfelter’s muscle car collection is a powerful, performance-oriented, and unique collection that contains high-end cars from various decades.

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