June 23, 2024

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Must have car accessories under Rs 2000 that will drive you crazy

In and around the world, a car is not just treated as a means of transportation rather it is considered as a family member. This add-on member of the family is pampered and taken care of with utmost sensitive hands. Today, we have got a comprehensive list of must-have accessories that every overprotective car parent should surprise their car with. 

1. Backseat Organiser

This backseat organiser comes with multiple pockets, bottle storage, a tissue box holder and various compartments to organise your travel friendly stuff. It is made up of waterproof fabric that will help you to keep your car clean and tidy. It is easy to install and clean while you are on the go. 



Price: Rs. 999

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2. RYLAN Portable and High Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

This RYLAN Portable and High Power Car Vacuum Cleaner has a strong turbine that will leave no dirt, dust or debris behind in your car. It has in total 4 mouths for effective suction namely a dust cup, soft long tube, brush mouth and a long mouth. It has the power to clean hard to reach areas. 


Price: Rs. 1299

Deal: Rs. 999

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3. boAt Dual Port Rapid Car Charger

This boAt Dual Port Rapid Car Charger comes with a free cable that is compatible with all of your devices with type-C charging port. It offers 4 times better and quick charging technology. This charger will also protect your device from overheating and excessive charging. This is a must have car accessory to ensure a trouble free road journey. 



Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 564

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4. Solar Powered Rotating Crystal Car Air Freshener

Solar Powered Rotating Crystal Car Air Freshener is a must have car interior decorative item. It will help you to enjoy a soothing aromatherapy within your car to unwind stress. To make your journey relaxing and cheerful, get this solar powered air freshener now. 



Price: Rs. 2999

Deal: Rs. 679

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5. Car Cleaning Accessories Combo

This car cleaning accessories combo comes with full interior and exterior accessories you need to keep your car clean and dust free. The combo kit contains a microfibre duster, water spray gun, sponge, microfibre dusting gloves, cleaning magic tablets, lint and scratch free cloth. 



Price: Rs. 1399

Deal: Rs. 779

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6. Anti-Skid Curly Car Foot Mat

This Anti-Skid Curly Car Foot Mat is made of vinyl rubber. It has a unique dust and liquid trapping capacity for the OCD in you. They are universal car foot mats and are easily washable.



Price: Rs. 2990

Deal: Rs. 1420

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7. Foldable Car Umbrella Sunshade


This Foldable Car Umbrella Sunshade is a cover that blocks harmful UV rays. It is meant for your car’s front as well as back window. It has 10 strong skeletons and a stable support ensures the durability of the sunshade.



Price: Rs. 1299

Deal: Rs. 830

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8. PTron Mount ST4F Adjustable Car Mount Phone Holder


This phone holder will help you to keep an eye on the maps while driving. It has a rotating clamp, telescopic extendable arm and a strong suction base. It is extremely easy to install and light in weight. 



Price: Rs. 1499

Deal: Rs. 399

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Let the wheels of your car roll merrily. These car accessories will keep you relaxed and help you to maintain your calmness while you drive. Now you don’t have to worry about your additional car interior and exterior accessories because you will own everything that you need in one go.

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