January 29, 2023

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Meet Dave Kelley, the Manistee County man known for his classic car collection

Driving and typical autos have been a massive section of Dave Kelley’s daily life. He’s a driver for Manistee County Dial-A-Trip and is very well regarded for his basic vehicle collection. 

That assortment took a big hit in 2013 when the setting up the place he stored the cars burned – costing him 10 of his beauties.

Driving and classic cars and trucks have been a significant element of Dave Kelley’s daily life. He’s a driver for Manistee County Dial-A-Trip and is very well recognised for his common car collection. 

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“It’s been a battle to begin about,” he claimed. “I do have a new garage in excess of in the vicinity of Morton Salt and now have three vehicles. We bought a Corvette to substitute my dad’s that burned, and also have a 1968 Dodge Charger and 1970 Plymouth Highway Runner.”

Kelley claimed the mounting price of basic autos has nearly compelled him out of that interest. 

“I do nonetheless attempt,” he said. “The Charger is in Nebraska proper now becoming restored and painted and the Highway Runner is a actual project.”

Kelley grew up on Ninth Avenue and now lives in the house his grandparents owned on Sixth Road. The movie “Miracle on 34th Street” is his preferred simply because he used to view it with his grandparents. 

Kelley’s curiosity in cars developed many thanks to Ninth Avenue neighbor Dean Kruse, who was in charge of the Manistee vocational automotive plan. 

“When I was a child I’d walk about to Dean’s residence where his pupils would come over just after school to function on their automobiles,” Kelley reported. “And my father was constantly tinkering with his Corvette – so vehicles have been appropriate there in entrance of me all the time.”

Kelley at some point enrolled in and accomplished the Manistee Higher University automotive application.

“I consider it’s the only class I at any time received an A in,” he claimed. 

A person Xmas tradition Kelley remembers is heading with the relatives to Trinity Lutheran Church to choose out a Christmas tree. 

“As I received a small older I would consider to enhance exterior,” he said. “I normally wanted lights outdoors. I still do. Make a difference of fact I’m decorating my tree right now – together with hanging some of grandma’s decorations.”

When he was more youthful Kelley would wander or bicycle from Ninth Street to Sixth Road to see his grandparents. Now he travels from Sixth to Ninth to the residence of his parents  — Kathy and Pat Kelley — for Christmas.