April 24, 2024

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Lighting Under the Hood: Fellten Launches as Classic Vehicle Electric Conversion Systems Provider

Lighting Under the Hood: Fellten Launches as Classic Vehicle Electric Conversion Systems Provider

BRISTOL, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Two of the world’s premier technology companies converting traditional petrol and diesel cars into electric vehicles – Zero EV based out of Bristol in the UK and Jaunt Motors from Melbourne, Australia — have merged to create Fellten. The new company is now the world’s leading electric conversion systems manufacturer with a presence across three continents.

Set to be officially unveiled at Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, NV, tomorrow, the new company is scaling up to meet exponential global demand, establish a facility in North America and continue to lead the industry in quality, safety, reliability and volume, as well as electric conversion training programs for the automotive industry.

Fellten (Welsh for lightning) designs, engineers and manufactures bolt-in systems to convert classic cars into electric vehicles (EVs). The merger gives the new company an international supply chain that allows automotive workshops and vehicle restorers across Australia, North America and Europe to install electric conversion systems designed and developed by Fellten’s world class team.

Fellten’s electric systems with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) levels of performance and reliability enable cars of any era to be a ‘daily driver’ and not just an enthusiast’s car. Fellten powered vehicles are re-fitted to improve safety, handling, comfort, usability and performance and sustainability, all without sacrificing the classic style of the car.

Fellten has engineered systems for a variety of classic brands and models, starting with Porsche 911s, Classic Minis, and Land Rover Series and Defenders, with more electrification solutions for more classic brands and models coming.

Alongside the electric conversion technology, Fellten has developed City & Guilds approved training programs. Leaders in up-skilling staff in working with electric vehicles, systems installation and maintenance for bulk purchases, their team has trained a number of high-profile clients to date including leading Universities, major Hollywood studios and other film industry specialists and OEM garage technicians and mechanics across Europe and North America.

Globally, there are a growing number of electric vehicle conversion workshops, however Fellten is the only company in the industry with ISO compliance in quality, environmental and health and safety management (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001). Combined with systemised processes that allow true manufacturing scale, Fellten is able to deliver electric conversion solutions compliant across the UK, North America, Asia Pacific and most of Europe.

The merging of the two autotech leaders will allow for Fellten to establish a global presence, as well as build new partnerships with international motoring partners.

Zero EV Co-founder and CEO, and now CEO of Fellten, Chris Hazell, said: “We are delighted to launch Fellten – it’s the culmination of years of work from two teams working on other sides of the world, coming together with the shared ambition in shaping the future of electric vehicles.”

“The merging of our two companies into the singular Fellten will provide classic vehicle customers with any level of electrification support, and provide automotive experts, mechanics and electric vehicle converters with the technology, tools and training to be a part of the growing global demand for electrification.”

Jaunt Motors Co-founder and CEO, and now Chief Design Officer of Fellten, Dave Budge, said: “Every vehicle on the road will need to be electric by 2050 for us to achieve net zero emissions and classic car owners will want their vehicle to be electric much sooner. With production facilities on three continents, industry-leading technology and development capabilities, Fellten is ready to meet those needs for consumers and the automotive industry.

“With the support of the global Fellten engineering team, proprietary EV technology and strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, Fellten provides specialist and luxury vehicle customers with complete electrification support, from design to technology development to delivery.”

Officially launching at SEMA, Fellten is planning for the launch of their US facility early next year, while expanding their systems production and training in the UK and Australia, details of which will be announced in the coming months.

Merger Overview

Fellten’s global team of automotive and electrical engineers, software developers, designers, and trainers is comprised of Jaunt Motors and Zero EV team members all working under the Fellten banner. Under the restructure, the global leadership team is comprised of:

  • Chris Hazell – CEO, Chief Executive Officer.
  • Alex Dawood – CTO, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Marteen Burger – COO, Chief Operating Officer.
  • Dave Budge – CDO, Chief Design Officer.
  • Mark Poole – CFO, Chief Financial Officer.

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About Fellten

Fellten is a global electric conversion systems manufacturer creating solutions for car owners and car workshops to convert traditional petrol and diesel cars into electric vehicles. Fellten has engineered systems for a variety of classic brands and models, starting with Porsche 911s, Classic Minis, and Land Rover Series and Defenders.