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Introducing Anker Ace, a new lineup of mobile charging accessories optimized for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Introducing Anker Ace, a new lineup of mobile charging accessories optimized for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Anker, the world’s #1 mobile charging brand1, today announced Anker Ace chargers, a new family of mobile charging accessories specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The first two products to launch under this product line are the Anker 313 Charger (Ace, 45W) and the Anker 312 Charger (Ace, 25W). Both products are available today on and in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and other European countries.

Powerful and portable with a foldable plug, Anker Ace chargers provide more efficient and powerful mobile charging solutions to Samsung customers worldwide.

Anker 313 Charger (Ace, 45W): Faster, Smaller, and Sustainable

Compatible with Samsung’s Super Fast Charging 2.0, the Anker 313 Charger (Ace, 45W) can charge a Galaxy S22 Ultra in just one hour2. Thanks to its foldable design, the Anker 313 Charger (Ace, 45W) is also 30{7b5a5d0e414f5ae9befbbfe0565391237b22ed5a572478ce6579290fab1e7f91} smaller than the original Samsung 45W charger, and by integrating GaN technology it is more energy efficient compared to non-GaN chargers.

Both Anker Ace chargers (Anker 313 and Anker 312) support Anker’s MultiProtectTM and PowerIQ 3.0 technologies.

Superior Safety with MultiProtect™

Built with safety in mind, the lineup features a comprehensive MultiProtect™ system with a total of 10 safety features, including input and output short-circuit protection, high-voltage protection, and temperature control.

Universal Compatibility

Equipped with Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ 3.0 technology, the Ace lineup delivers an optimized charging experience to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users, and also works well with a wide range of other Android OS mobile devices as well as iPhone, iPad, and much more.

Product Specifications


Anker 313 Charger (Ace, 45W)

Anker 312 Charger (Ace, 25W)

Total Wattage






Samsung Compatibility

Super Fast Charging 2.0

Super Fast Charging

Galaxy S22 Series Charging Time2

S22 Ultra:

Under 1 hour


Under 1.5 hours


100-240V~ 1.87A 50-60Hz

100-240V~ 1.0A 50/60Hz


5.0V==3.0A 15.0W/9.0V==3.0A 27.0W/15.0V==3.0A 45.0W/20.0V==2.25A, 45.0W (45.0W Max)

5.0V=3.0A 15.0W/9.0V=2.8A 25.2W


PPS:3.3V-11.0V=5.0A 45.0W Max/3.3V-16V=3.0A 45.0W Max/3.3V-21.0V 2.25A 45.0W Max (45.0W Max)

PPS: 3.3-5.9V=3.0A (17.7 W Max),3.3-11.0V=2.25A (24.75W Max)


US37.73 × 35 × 41 mm
48.57 × 43.98 × 42.55 mm (not including prongs
37.72 × 35.61 × 41 mmnot including prongs)


US45 × 29 × 50 mm
45 × 29 × 58.3 mmnot including prongs
45 × 29 × 55.96 mmnot including prongs



NA70.9 g
80 g
80 g

NA67.5 g
90 g
89 g


Price and Availability

Both models of Anker’s Ace lineup chargers are available today in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany on Amazon (Anker 313 Charger, Anker 312 Charger) and (Anker 313 Charger, Anker 312 Charger). Pricing of the models in the US, UK and DE are listed below:

Anker 313 Charger (Ace, 45W)

Anker 312 Charger (Ace, 25W)










Anker looks forward to adding more products to the Anker Ace family in the future.

About Anker

Anker is the world’s #1 mobile charging brand and a developer of charging technologies for the home, car, and on the go. Anker kickstarted the GaN (Gallium Nitride) revolution in 2018 by introducing the first commercially available GaN-powered fast charger. Today, Anker has continued to innovate in the charging space by introducing new charging accessories for virtually all mobile devices. This includes wall plugs, solar and wireless chargers, car chargers, power banks, and high-capacity portable power stations. Find out more about Anker at

About Anker Innovations 

Anker Innovations is a global leader in charging technology and a developer of unique, consumer electronic products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment, and the emerging smart home space. This innovation is being led by its six key brands: Anker, AnkerWork, eufy, Nebula, soundcore and AnkerMake. More information on Anker Innovations and its various brands can be found at

PR Contacts
[email protected] (US)
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[email protected] (DE)

(1)  Data source: Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., measured in terms of retail value sales in 2020 and 2021, based on research conducted in October 2022. Mobile charging brands are defined as brands if more than 75{7b5a5d0e414f5ae9befbbfe0565391237b22ed5a572478ce6579290fab1e7f91} of their retail sales are contributed by mobile phone charging products. Mobile phone charging products include chargers, wireless chargers, power banks, and charging cables, and these accessories can also be used for other consumer electronics devices.

(2)  Data based on Anker Internal testing charging S22 Series. Actual results may vary.