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Driving the Jeep Magneto, an electric concept with a manual transmission

Driving the Jeep Magneto, an electric concept with a manual transmission

Driving the Jeep Magneto, an electric concept with a manual transmission
The Magneto 2.0 is a modified Jeep Wrangler with an EV powertrain.
Enlarge / The Magneto 2. is a modified Jeep Wrangler with an EV powertrain.

JIm Resnick

MOAB, Utah—First factors initial: This cliff-climbing battery-electric Jeep notion motor vehicle is not headed for output, irrespective of the hopes of quite a few Jeep lovers assembled in Moab, Utah, for this year’s Jeep Easter Safari. The Magneto is an open up-guide or everyday living-sized laboratory into the mind of Jeep and the brand’s future.

The organization has already begun to embrace the long term of battery-electric propulsion, and basically, the Wrangler 4xe is the finest-promoting plug-in hybrid in The united states. In reality, Jeep confirmed its very first iteration of the Magneto past calendar year, although with a straightforward drivetrain of just 285 hp (213 kW). Jeep has rapidly woke up to a wide range of employs and iterations of battery-electrical electric power to the extent that five of the seven notion autos it has not long ago demonstrated to the push and community use electric powered propulsion. And the zenith of all this is the Magneto 2.. And we have pushed it.

The Magneto began everyday living as a frequent Wrangler, but Jeep lengthened the wheelbase 12 inches (305 mm) and fitted enormous 40-inch-tall tires mounted to 20-inch wheels. Substantial differentials supported by seriously beefed-up suspension bits live underneath, although a throwback bikini major and an early ’60s SoCal custom-ish paint plan hold the visuals enjoyable.

The Magneto starts from a button, as does any electric motor vehicle. From the passenger seat, Jim Morrison, Jeep senior VP and head of Jeep for North The usa, implies applying both equally the brake and clutch on start off-up just in situation. A large ol’ cue-ball handbook shifter sits involving the seats, correct subsequent to the acquainted transfer situation selector for 2WD and equally low- and significant-array 4WD procedure. Due to the fact the handbook transmission is redundant, you pick out a gear correct for the highway ahead—or absence of road—and move off from rest tipping into the throttle as would be ordinary in a regular BEV. With a faint EV whir and heaps of steering angle dialed in, the slight slip and chirp of tires at the enterprise end of locked hubs manufactured for a blend of two independent appears seldom, if ever, read before.

Yes, that is a six-speed manual you see before you.
Enlarge / Certainly, that is a 6-pace handbook you see right before you.


For off-roading, traction and command of speed is finest in decreased gears, and therein lies the crux of this powertrain combination. For a pure street-heading BEV, a guide gearbox guiding an electric motor would be, for all intents and reasons, kinda silly. Not much upside to that equation. But in the off-roading setting exactly where crawling is vital, be it over boulders, through mud, or anywhere else that involves very high-quality, rheostat-like handle over energy and throttle, equipment reduction and manage of pace is paramount, irrespective of propulsion kind. It is also a way to provide far larger regulate around descending hills with poor traction. In fact, Jeep has programmed the motor’s regeneration to the extent that it expected a cracked throttle to descend hills, even massively steep kinds. That’s an tasteful engineering answer to the full hill-descent management query when used to ICE-powered off-roaders using throttle and brake intervention.

The Magneto dispenses with the actions, the inclines, and the obstacles in Jeep’s controlled off-roading course setup in the Moab Desert with only one glitch. The transfer situation popped out of gear 2 times, interrupting electricity supply 2 times, which was no fault of the electrical powertrain, nor even the manual transmission.

Searching at the essential specs of the Magneto, you will find an axial flux electric powered motor (keep the capacitor) that spins up to 5,250 rpm. 4 lithium-ion battery packs building a overall of 70 kWh (running at 800 V) sit in the middle and the rear of the motor vehicle to distribute weight as evenly as feasible inside of the truck’s all round packaging. Also, an inverter borrowed from hybrid race automobiles converts the DC electric power to AC for the new motor. A peak of 600 A for up to 10 seconds can help enable output of 850 lb-ft (1,152 Nm) of torque and write-up a -60 dash on tarmac in just 2. seconds.

When the Magneto will under no circumstances see creation, it does open up up two complete new suggestions in off-roading. Very first, the manual transmission as gear-multiplier behind an electrical motor. Second—and an even greater revelation—the probable silence of electric off-roading.