July 19, 2024

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Classic car shoppers like 1967 model year vehicles

Classic car shoppers like 1967 model year vehicles

The changing demographics and the diversity of interests of the collector car enthusiast might be showing in our monthly report on searches by visitors to the ClassicCars.com marketplace. Among the top 20 searches done in November by year, make and model, six of those vehicles are from the 1967 model year.

Not only are that specific year’s vehicles drawing more interest in recent months, but the vehicles involved include the Ford Mustang, the Pontiac GTO, and the Chevrolet Impala, Chevelle and Camaro.

Speaking of the Camaro, the 1969 model year Camaro has moved up to second on the most-searched list, trailing only the Mustang from that same model year.

1967, Classic car shoppers like 1967 model year vehicles, ClassicCars.com Journal
The Monkeymobile was a 1967 Pontiac

“These days, it seems that it could be anything from a song that mentions a specific car from 1967 to a movie or television show that features cars from that era that triggers renewed popularity,” said Andy Reid, our East Coast editor and collector car market analyst. 

“Personally, I love the 1967 Camaro best of all as it was the first example of the model and has a number of 1967-year-only features. It has always been my choice for first-generation Camaros to buy.” 

1969 Chevrolet Camaro
1969 Chevrolet Camaro

We also track searches by generic model rather than by specific year. That list continues to be topped, in order, by Chevrolet, Ford, Mustang and the Chevy C10 pickup truck. 

The Buick Grand National has been fifth most popular for the past two months. 

Also being shown recent attention is the Ford F100 pickup series. On the other hand, the Volkswagen bus/van has been dropping down the list in recent months, falling outside the top 20 in November for the first time in the past two years.

1967 Ford F100
1967 Ford F100

“The VW van drop in popularity is not too surprising,” Reid added. “These are vehicles that in their day were terrific and offered great utility and in the past 8 or so years offered a hefty dose of nostalgia to people who grew up in the 1960s. 

“As a classic vehicle to drive today they are less than wonderful, having limited power, few amenities, and to me are just not that fun to get behind the wheel of. Combine that with the large amount of money it takes to properly restore one, and I feel people are just looking elsewhere. 

“The F100, on the other hand, is a usable, somewhat fun to drive and relatively inexpensive to repair classic pickup. I owned one that I used to haul a weekend NASCAR stock car around and it was a fun way to arrive at the track.”