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Check Out These Awesome Steering Wheels From The ’60s

There are very few steering wheels designed for performance driving. The ones available are attached to some expensive equipment, which can cost you a lot more. There are possible hacks for steering wheels for the driving enthusiast to make you feel more comfortable and sportier.

The steering wheel is one of the most important elements of the car. Aside from giving your vehicle an exceptional image, it also has a huge impact on the confidence and emotions of the driver. For most people, having a sporty steering wheel can elevate their personality and boost their driving style. From the earliest known use of a steering wheel in 1894 to this century, the essence of the steering wheel has never changed. Hitherto, steering wheels were introduced as a integral feature in some cars.

This innovation obviously proved the importance of steering wheels. Later in the 20th century, new models of steering wheels were made as a lot of cars were mass-produced at this time. Today, there are different kinds of steering wheels ranging from wooden circles and oval shapes.

Let’s look at some incredible steering wheels invented in the ’60s and why they were special.

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Citroen Ds

68 citroen ds

via conceptcarz

The Citroen Ds was revolutionary since its launch in October 1955. The single-spoke steering wheel was a trailblazer and had not been seen before. It had an iconic design that would later become a trademark for many years with a range of models.

The Citroën evolved from its single-spoke wheel design to an extreme central driver seat concept. Karin, alongside Bertone, ensured to ape the design of the steering wheel for its 1976 Alfa Romeo 33-based Navajo prototype.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the cotton buttons and packaging airbags in the steering wheel, modern Citroën no longer retains the unique single-spoke design. However, the first generation has at least a funky fixed steering wheel center with a wheel rim turning around it.

Amazingly Sensitive And Powerful Steering – Only The Citroën DS Delivers That

Do you want to drive with the Citroën DS steering and get a great journey out of it? You can drive through a plowed field with your fingertips. Interestingly, the wheel side of the car system cannot penetrate the steering wheel.

The Citroën Ds steering was designed to prevent feedback such as potholes, torque steer, or kickback. The producer of the Citroën understood that the conventional steering could receive feedback, which may be disastrous, putting the life of the driver in danger.

Subaru XT

Subaru XT steering wheel

via arabsauto

The Subaru XT was designed to steer. It has an unsymmetrical wheel, which makes it both unique and substantial for the driving enthusiast. It is an inverted L-shape, with XT’s plastic wheel buttons to control the cruise.

A well-paired left thumb rest to encourage a comfortable ‘quarter-to-three’ or 180 degrees driving position. Subaru reverted to normality for its SVX coupe successor. The Subaru XT steering wheel has real leather, as it is the shifter knob. Every part of the steering wheel is covered with synthetic leather.

Italdesign Maserati Boomerang

craziest steering wheel

Via MyCarQuest.com

The Boomerang was designed as the show car for Maserati style. The car received several debuts after showing up at the 1971 Turin auto show. It is one of the most amazing cars for running, driving, or sporting. This does not rule out the fact that it was a concept car. The Boomerang experimented with all of the Citroen SM framework and model. Intelligently, Boomerang was made to be steered by the palms of the driver. We believe the intention was to make the driver more calm and classy, rather than clutching the steering with fingers which may hurt the driver.

Wild Interior Design – But, We Love It

No doubt that Boomerang’s exterior was futuristic. But the interior was wild. The car’s steering wheel rotated around its switchgear and instrument cluster. The driver’s swooping dash and the seating position were considered in time, which is why it made it to our list.

Ferrari 20 GT LUSSO

Ferrari 20 GT LUSSO Insterior

via premierfinancialservices

Ferrari’s legendary 250 GT Lusso, though a civilized sports car, yet a sporty car for young and flexible passengers. The car is fitted with a classic three-spoke thin wooden rim steering wheel. Its steering wheel was large enough to steer an ocean liner. Although most Italian GT peers had the same kind of wooden rim steering, the GT Lusso’s spoke was unusual. It was solid, without drilled round holes.

Excellent Designs

Because of its fixed position seatbacks, it was recommended for flexible passengers. Despite this setback, the pedals of the car were adjustable by 5cm. With soft and black leather, the design of the instrument panel was unique. Ferrari 20 GT Lusso had a three-spoke Nardi steering wheel made from wood and aluminum. Behind the Nardi steering wheel, five additional gauges are placed.

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Chrysler 300-J

1964 Chrysler 300-J

via vaultcars.com

The Chrysler 300J dispels the myth about the infamous ‘quartic’ steering wheel of the Austin Allegro, the pioneer of the flat-bottomed, semi-oval wheel. The Chrysler Group used squared-off oval wheels for a while; however, they changed the wheel to a fitted over-styled wheel similar to the 1961 Plymouth Belvedere and Fury. Reviews of the Chrysler 300j showed that the quartic wheel enhanced driver knee space. Hence it is easier to slide in and out of the driver’s seat, provided it was left straight ahead.

We understand that steering wheels can come in different shapes and sizes. This is why it is important to research the different types of steering wheels. However, many of these steering wheels have been modified into a more finer and classy steering Interestingly, if you want a feel of any of these steering wheels, you might need to consider modifying your steering wheel. Steering wheel modification provides a personalized touch to your steering wheel.

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