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best performance rain gear for 2022

best performance rain gear for 2022

No one prefers to play in bad weather, but most of us are crazy enough to tee it up when it’s extremely hot, windy, and even raining.

If you’re looking to play more golf in 2022 and don’t want the weather to keep you from reaching your goals, you’ve come to the right place. Earlier this week, we featured our favorite rain apparel. Now, we’re moving on to the other side of rain gear, the accessories.

Are you a part of the pushcart mafia? We got you covered. Are you a player that’s ride or die? We have you covered too. No, literally, we have a cart cover on this list.

These accessories are meant to help you play your best golf, even in not the best weather. Is there anything more satisfying than grinding out a low score in adverse conditions?

We occasionally recommend interesting products, services, and gaming opportunities. If you make a purchase by clicking one of the links, we may earn an affiliate fee. Golfweek operates independently, though, and this doesn’t influence our coverage.

Adidas Primegreen Rain.RDY Bucket Hat

Primegreen Rain.RDY Bucket Hat (Adidas)

Price: $40

Why we like it: A classic look with modern features, this Adidas bucket hat is a must have. A hidden hook-and-loop fitting system helps give you a nice secure fit so you’re not spending half your round chasing after it.

Primegreen Rain.RDY Bucket Hat: $40 at Adidas

Classic Cart Accessories Fairway Deluxe Golf Car Enclosure

Classic Accessories – Fairway Deluxe Golf Car Enclosure (PGA Tour Superstore)

Price: From $280

Why we like it: While a bit pricey, a cart cover allows you to play when you wouldn’t normally go out to tee it up. Protecting you from the wind, rain, and whatever else a cold-weather round throws your way, the Fairway Deluxe golf cart cover will absolutely extend your golf season.

Fairway Deluxe Golf Car Enclosure: $295 at Classic Accessories / $280 at PGA Tour Superstore

Global Super Caddie Towel

Global Tour – Super Caddie Towel (PGA Tour Superstore)

Price: $20

Why we like it: A caddie towel is essential no matter the weather, but it comes up clutch when conditions are wet. Keeping one half dry and the other wet or draping it over your clubs will help keep them clean and ready.

Super Caddie Towel: $20 at PGA Tour Superstore

Monument Golf StickIt Magnetic Towel

Monument Golf – Stick It Magnetic Towel (PGA Tour Superstore)

Price: $30

Why we like it: While the caddie towel keeps your clubs dry, the Monument Golf Stick It towel is perfect for keeping your golf ball, glove, and grips as dry as possible. A built-in magnet makes it easier to remember on your way to the green and saves your back from bending over to pick it up 18+ times a round.

Stick It Magnetic Towel: $30 at PGA Tour Superstore

Sun Mountain 68" UV Manual Umbrella

Sun Mountain – 68″ UV Manual Umbrella (GlobalGolf)

Price: $55

Why we like it: We all love a versatile golf club, why not a versatile accessory? The Sun Mountain UV umbrella is perfect for the rainiest of days just as much as its perfect for the sunniest of days. If you enjoy to walk with a pushcart, this is a must have. Averee Dovsek likes this umbrella so much, she included it in her eight must haves for spring golf

UV Manual Umbrella: $55 at GlobalGolf

TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves

Rain Control Golf Gloves (TaylorMade)

Price: $40

Why we like it: TaylorMade’s Rain Control gloves come in a pair to give you maximum control over the club no matter how wet the conditions. The gloves use a combination of suede and rubber to maximize grip when your grips are slick.

Rain Control Golf Glove: $40 at TaylorMade / GlobalGolf

TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat

Storm Bucket Hat (TaylorMade)

Price: $30

Why we like it: Who doesn’t love a good bucket hat? The TaylorMade Storm bucket will keep the rain out of your eyes and a smile on your face as your playing partners secretly wish they could pull it off.

Storm Bucket Hat: $30 at TaylorMade

Weatherman College Collection Umbrella

The College Collection Umbrella (Weatherman)

Price: $104

Why we like it: The College Collection umbrellas are a great option for those who want to show off their team spirit while staying dry. Weatherman has 33 different options within the College Collection, including golf umbrellas and smaller travel-size options.

College Collection Umbrella: $104 at Weatherman