April 24, 2024

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Automatic Transmission In CNG Cars: How Difficult Is It?

Automated autos and CNG kits. Is it even probable? And if so, what’s the maintain up?

CNG is excellent. It is low cost, returns exceptional fuel effectiveness and is way considerably less destructive for the ecosystem than petrol or diesel. Then why is it that it’s limited to really several designs in India? And why is it that it cannot still be had with an automatic transmission? After all, CNG vehicles are extra suitable for functioning in cities (because of to the uncomplicated availability of CNG in cities), and it is in towns that you would want the comfort of an automatic transmission. So why is it that Indian carmakers have not offered a two-pedal set up with CNG until now?

Enable us to explain:

It is A Complex Task Tuning A Automobile For CNG And Automatic Transmissions

Automated transmissions need a amount of further sensors to operate. It shifts from one particular equipment to yet another dependent on knowledge, these kinds of as RPMs, motor load, pace, angle of the motor vehicle, from these sensors. When you bring CNG into the combine, things change. 

For starters, the engine tends to make fewer energy and torque on CNG in contrast to petrol. In this circumstance, the information from all these sensors will need to have to be re-tuned to be compatible with CNG. This calls for in depth screening, and is only feasible if carmakers were certain of volumes of these types. This provides us to our next level.

The Selling price Will Be As well Large

CNG kits from the factory are Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000 extra pricey than typical petrol models, and automated transmissions expense at minimum Rs 1 lakh much more than their guide counterparts. This usually means that CNG vehicles with automatic transmissions would be all around Rs 2 lakh additional high priced than regular petrol-handbook vehicles. That is a big bounce. 

Picture if Maruti requested you to fork out Rs 2 lakh a lot more for an Ertiga just for the additional usefulness of a CNG automatic. The selling price would not feel justified. If the price is way too large, carmakers just can’t hope volumes for these versions and hence, it will not be possible for them to build this sort of CNG-automatic powertrains.

Driving Dynamics Will Be Altered

Although this is not that massive an concern, it will even now be a headache for carmakers on the lookout to homologate CNG-computerized vehicles. Computerized transmissions are heavier than their manual counterparts. A CNG package also provides excess weight to the automobile. 

To give you an illustration, the S-Presso is a 5-seater. When Maruti introduced its CNG variant, it technically became a 4-seater. Merely place, the excess weight of the CNG package accounts for the weight of just one passenger. Maruti failed to make any structural variations due to that further load, as a substitute simply  minimizing the quantity of passengers that the S-Presso can just take in.

What If You Still Want A CNG Package In An Automated Auto?

We reached out to both Maruti and Hyundai, the two carmakers that now provide a CNG kit from the factory in India, and requested them about this. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a response from both of them. Even so, that is not the finish of the street. There are aftermarket businesses that set up CNG kits on automated autos. A rapid Google search will reveal the most popular solutions, and there are video clips on YouTube as well of this sort of conversions. 

You do need to know a few of items ahead of you take the leap: Changing your automatic motor vehicle (or any automobile for that make a difference) into a CNG motor vehicle will void its manufacturer guarantee. Do this only if your car or truck isn’t lined by it any longer. Secondly, most aftermarket companies, while fairly superior, don’t have the exact amount of R&D as big carmakers, and for that reason, the results could not be as great. You could stop up harmful the motor of your motor vehicle, and your transmission as well.

If you do finish up performing it, share your success with us by social media like Twitter or Instagram, or depart a comment underneath and tell us about your encounter.