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25 Best Car Gifts 2021

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If you’ve got a gearhead in your life, then you know car people are a different breed. For them, a good time involves checking out classic car shows, hitting a race track, or pointing to every cool car they see and being like, “Oh, that’s a 2020 Lexus RC F Track,” while you’re like, “K?” If you know nothing about cars, then picking out gifts for car lovers can feel like a Herculean task. But fret not, vehicular virgins! From handy car accessories to fun car-themed apparel and gear, there are plenty of car gifts that don’t require any actual automotive knowledge (and won’t break your poor wallet in half, either).

Maybe your fave car lover needs some new gadgets and tools to give their ride a glow-up before their next road trip. Maybe they don’t even own a set of wheels but would still love a car-centric gift to fuel their obsession. No matter your budget, there are tons of gift ideas perfect for gassing up any auto aficionado, and they’re sure to impress enthusiasts of all kinds—even if you’re not particularly impressed by cars yourself.

Car people may be on a different level, but they’re v useful people to have around (especially when you need a cheap ride to the airport). Keep ’em happy with these car-themed accessories for improving their driving experience—and more importantly, improving your riding experience.

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This Comfy Car Cushion

Simply Seat Cushion

Long car rides are no problem for this cushioning car seat, which features an anti-slip bottom and built-in handles for easy transportation. 


This Hanging Organizer

Front Seat Car Organizer

Anyone whose car is a hot mess on wheels will be grateful for this hanging car seat organizer, which includes five front pockets, a padded tablet holder, card pockets, a leak-proof cup holder, and an inner compartment to hold everything else needed for a commute.


This Car Detailing Slime

Car Cleaning Gel Putty

This reusable car cleaning gel putty isn’t just fun to play with—it can also help get into a car’s cracks and crevices to pick up the dust, debris, crumbs, and doggo hairs that inevitably accumulate. 


This Heated Scraping Tool

Electric Windshield Scraper

Ice and snow quiver before this powerful heated scraper, which quickly chisels away at the elements for record-fast windshield clearing in the winter. 


This Car Lover’s Tie

Classic Car Embroidered Tie

Sophisticated and oh-so-unique, this embroidered handmade tie allows car lovers to show off their passion for classic cars with pride. 


These Oval Sunnies

Peyton 55mm Gradient Oval Sunglasses

While polarized lenses are best for bright, high-glare activities, gradient lenses are typically the best choice for driving, which makes these classic oval sunnies the perfect road trip shades. 


This Seat Protector

Antibacterial Car Seat Slip Cover

Real talk: Driving home wet and sticky from the gym is kinda gross, but this machine-washable cover is happy to come between sweaty Spandex and car seats. 


This Car Portrait

Custom Watercolor Car Painting

Anyone who’s obsessed with their ride (or in love with a certain aspirational dream car) is sure to appreciate a custom watercolor car portrait, which they can hang just about anywhere. 


This Car Enthusiast Tee

Stick Shift Shirt

Your fave manual car lover can show off their stick shift skills with this cotton pre-shrunk tee, which comes in a ton of different color options. 


This Photo Book Set

Ultimate Collectors Cars

This two-volume car anthology collection includes images taken by the world’s leading car photographers, and it’s a must-have for any car enthusiast’s coffee table. 


This Phone Mount System

Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

Compatible with a wide array of iPhone models (as well as Androids for ~alternative~ folks), this phone mount fits into any cup holder, and it features an adjustable gooseneck you can adjust and angle to keep your phone on display.


This Luxe Cologne Set

Mercedes-Benz Man Fragrance Set

Mercedes-Benz Man is a fragrance collection created by the luxury car brand, and this mini set—which includes four of the most popular Mercedes-Benz sprays—will have any car lover smelling like a million bucks. 


These Chic Seat Covers

Monogram Headrest Covers

This set of two cotton headrest covers come complete with a custom monogram and a variety of color options, which will make the recipient feel stylish AF. 


These Cute Car Studs

Sterling Silver Car Earrings

Dainty and darling, these minimalist car stud earrings come in the option of silver or gold and include itty-bitty Zirconia wheel details. 


This Hands-Free Car Device

Amazon Echo Auto

Add Amazon Alexa to any car with this handy device, which connects to the Alexa app on a user’s phone and plays through their car’s speakers for hands-free assistance while they cruise. 


This License Plate Artwork

Personalized License Plate Sign

Give someone a totally unique piece of art with this personalized license plate sign, which comes mounted on a piece of pretty distressed wood. 


This Practical Pump

Portable Digital Tire Inflator

A portable air compressor pump may not be the most thrilling gift, but as anyone who’s ever seen the tire pressure light start flashing on their dashboard knows, it’s an essential tool for any car owner. 


These Funny Socks

Clutch and Gas Crew Knit Socks

With “Clutch” and “Gas” printed on the top and “Drive It Like You Stole It” printed on the bottom, these mid-length and mid-thick socks are sure to make the recipient LOL. 


This Adorbs Air Freshener

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Keep any vehicle smelling fresh and looking cute with a colorful wool pom pom oil diffuser, which can easily be hung from a rearview mirror. 


This Snazzy Button-Down

Throttle Race Car-Print Shirt

Printed with tiny blue race cars, this short sleeve cotton button-down screams, “I’m all about that car life,” and it’s perfect for dressing up or down. 


This Coffee Table Car Book

BMW Art Cars

Featuring 19 artists who have designed BMWs—including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jeff Koons, among others—this coffee table book brings legendary cars and iconic artists together in one collection. 


This Car-Centric Candle

New Car Smell Candle

Nothing beats the smell of a new car, and this subtle soy candle—which evokes the fragrance of a brand-new Rolls Royce or Ford Focus—allows anyone to experience that delish new car smell at home. 


This Mini Car Vac

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Crumbs are no match for this small-but-mighty car vacuum, which comes with three attachments for sucking up doggy hair, dust, and all those drive-thru disasters. 


These Slick Cufflinks

Speedometer Cufflinks

Car lovers with a need for speed will flip for these pretty glass-and-bronze speedometer cufflinks, which come packaged in a gift box that’ll save you from having to wrap ’em yourself. 


This Trunk Space Saver

Collapsible Multi-Compartment Car Organizer

Again, this may seem a bit *yawn* as far as gifts go, but when your trunk is bottomless pit of jumper cables and spare shoes, then a car trunk organizer is truly a gift that keeps on giving. 

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