April 25, 2024

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1968 Mustang Fastback Restomod Shows Subtle Speed Is Sweetest

Many an enthusiast can attest to how easy it is to fall into the car modifications rabbit hole. But the world of classic restomods is arguably even more tempting given how receptive many vintage cars are to upgrades. And to be fair, the lunacy of something like a classic Charger with a Hellcat V8 is intriguing. However, there’s also beauty—and usability—in a more restrained build like a 427-powered 1968 Mustang Fastback.

The 1968 Mustang brought some extra safety and performance to the pony car

A blue 1968 Ford Mustang 289 Fastback at a classic car auction

1968 Ford Mustang 289 Fastback | Chesnot/Getty Images
1968 Ford Mustang
Engines 3.3-liter (200cid) inline-six with one-barrel carburetor (T-Code)
4.7-liter (289cid) V8 with two-barrel carburetor (C-Code)
4.9-liter (302cid) V8 with two- or four-barrel carburetor (GT/F- and J-Code)
6.4-liter (390cid) V8 with two- or four-barrel carburetor (GT390/X- and S-Code)
7.0-liter (428cid) V8 with four-barrel carburetor (R-Code)
Shelby GT350: 4.9-liter (302cid) V8 with four-barrel carburetor
Shelby GT500: 7.0-liter (428cid) V8 with two four-barrel carburetors
Shelby GT500KR: 7.0-liter (428cid) V8 with four-barrel carburetor
Horsepower (SAE gross) T: 115 hp
C: 195 hp
F: 210 hp
J: 230 hp
X: 270 hp
S: 325 hp
R: 335 hp
GT350: 250 hp
GT500: 355 hp
GT500KR: 335 hp (claimed)
Torque (SAE gross) T: 190 lb-ft
C: 288 lb-ft
F: 300 lb-ft
J: 310 lb-ft
X: 401 lb-ft
S: 427 lb-ft
R: 440 lb-ft
GT350: 310 lb-ft
GT500: 420 lb-ft
GT500KR: 440 lb-ft (claimed)
Transmissions Three-speed manual
Four-speed manual
Three-speed automatic

After a significant redesign in 1967, the Ford Mustang entered 1968 with comparatively minor changes. Ford dropped the ‘HiPo’ 289 V8 in favor of an upgraded 302, cleaned up the Mustang’s hood, tweaked the grille, and added fender lettering. Also, the 1968 Mustang gained three-point safety belts, side-marker lights, and a standard impact-absorbing steering column.