May 21, 2024

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12 Best Car Accessories 2021

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Katie Buckleitner

If you’re a car owner, then you know what a curse and a blessing it is to have your own set of wheels. I mean, paying car insurance and being the go-to person to drop your friends off at the airport kinda sucks, but there’s nothing like the sweet, sweet freedom of spontaneously going on a road trip whenever you please—as long as your boss is cool with it. Pro tip, though: Before you next hit the open road (or even head out to pick up a slice of ‘za), you’ll want to make sure your car has all the right gadgets and accessories, and no, I’m not talking about putting a flatscreen TV and a fish tank in your Honda Accord. (No disrespect to Pimp My Ride, of course.)

From itty bitty vacuums to anti-microbial car seat covers, there are tons of genius car accessories that’ll improve your ride without breaking the bank. After all, if you’re going to be playing Uber driver for your crew, you’ll wanna make sure your car is looking cute, right? And though I can’t guarantee gas prices are going to go down anytime soon (sry, friends), I can recommend the best car gadgets you can get for under $100. These accessories will keep your vehicle clean and your electronics charged, and they’ll make your next four-hour drive go by at lightning speed.

So before you plan your next road trip, make sure you add these 12 handy car tools to your shopping cart—your whip likes to accessorize just as much as you do, you know.

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if your bag always ends up on the floor

Universal Headrest Hanger Holder

This handy lil hook clips on to the back of your headrest, transforming it into your own personal bag stand. Bonus: It comes in a pack of two, so you can also spare your coat from getting too cozy with whatever horrors live in your car floor mats. Shudders.


if you’re a (cute) mess

World’s Smallest Vacuum

Crumbs quiver before this mini (but surprisingly mighty) rechargeable vacuum, which will keep your seat and cup holders squeaky clean and comes in a variety of adorbs colors. Chill, Mom, I absolutely did not crush a bag of chips in your car! 😉


if being disorganized is your fatal flaw

Honey-Can-Do Trunk Organizer

If the trunk of your car is a bottomless pit of jumper cables and spare shoes, this compartmentalized organizer will restore order to your chaos. The best part? It has handles, so you can easily pick it up and move it out when you need more space for luggage and whatnot. 


if your car is like a garbage can on wheels

StashAway Car Trash Can with Lid

Keep all your empty Starbucks cups out of sight with the help of this leakproof trash receptacle made especially for your car. It has a vinyl lining to trap spills when you toss your drink in there before it’s actually empty, plus three outside pockets for extra storage. 


if your phone is your co-pilot

Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount Holder

Clip this bad boy to your air vent, and its magnetic surface will keep your iPhone (or Android, you non-conformist, you) firmly in place so you can follow directions (but not text ’cause that’s not safe!). What makes this holder better than the rest is that you don’t even have to take off your phone case for it to stay in place. 


if you’re looking to zhuzh up the place

Hanging Diffuser

With 13 different scent options, this hanging oil diffuser will keep your car smelling fresh as a daisy (who ate McDonald’s in here? Not me!). No offense to those little cardboard trees, but this style is much more chic. 


if you like keeping your seat pristine

Antimicrobial Car Seat Slipcover

Can we all agree that driving home wet and sticky from the gym is kinda gross? This machine-washable car seat cover (which comes in gray or black) is happy to hang out in between your sweaty Spandex and your seat, and you can easily stash it away in your glove box, thanks to its self-folding storage bag. 


if you despise the dreaded gap

Car Seat Gap Organizer

If losing spare change—or worse, your phone—into the dark abyss between your seat and the center console is the bane of your existence, allow me to introduce you to this organizer set. It’ll hang on to your phone, mask, hand sanitizer, water bottle, sunglasses, and chapstick, preventing them from suffering a similarly tragic fate. 


if your cup holders need some TLC

Resin Car Coasters

Add some ~glitz and glamour~ to your boring cup holders with these pretty resin car coasters, which come in a variety of glittery options and will protect your interior from spills and stains. 


if you’ve got places to be

Heated Snow Ice Scraper

Ice and snow don’t stand a chance against this powerful heated scraper, which quickly chisels away at the elements so you’re not late to start your day. It’s the must-have winter car accessory for lazy peeps (aka ME!). 


if your phone is always on 2 percent battery

USB Car Charger

That person with the eternally-about-to-die phone (🙋guilty) will appreciate this USB car charger, which slips right into your lighter adapter and juices you up in no time. 


if your airpods never leave your ears

Wireless AirPods Car Charger

This wireless AidPods charger mounts right to your air vent, so you can keep your fave accessory alive while you drive. Yes, you’ll have to temporarily take a break from blasting Olivia Rodrigo straight into your eardrums, but there’s always the radio. 

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