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10 Must-Have Amazon Car Accessories That Transform Your Car In 2023

10 Must-Have Amazon Car Accessories That Transform Your Car In 2023

Now, not all of us can drive brand-new Benzes and Beemers loaded with modern features that were never available to most of our 10-year-old hoopties. But what if we told you that you could have the same features without paying that six-figure MSRP? These features are available on Amazon for the price of a meal.

We went out looking for Amazon car accessories that are affordable but offer luxury and safety solutions to your beater. These are 10 car products you need from Amazon in 2023, and some of these items could be a lifesaver or a game changer for your next road trip or commute.

10/10 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire pressure monitoring
Via: Amazon

Let’s say some unwary driver had a bunch of nails in the back of their truck and all of a sudden they fall all over the road. It would be hard to know if you get your tire punctured, especially if it’s one of those slow air leaks.

The solution is the tpms. This device will monitor your tire pressures and alert you if one is under-inflated. If you go offroad a lot, you might drive over some tough thorns, and knowing that you may potentially have a blowout is a great safety feature not traditionally available to non-luxury cars.

9/10 Starlight Headliner

2021 ROLLS ROYCE Ghost EWB starry headliner

Yes, a TPMS is a cool, and convenient idea, but it won’t impress anyone unless you have a puncture. If you want to roll around like a real mack daddy and impress your passengers, then add a starlight headliner. These luxury features are only available in high-end luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands.

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Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner
via shopify

For as low as 60 to 100 bucks, you can pick up starlight headliners from Amazon. These kits give you a variety of design options, so the sky is the limit, and you can configure them however you want. So you want an actual representation of the night sky on your headliner? Go for it.

8/10 Heated/Cooled Cup Holder

cool and warm cup holder
Via: Amazon

Sure, you are familiar with heated and cooled seats. But what about heated and cooled cup holders? These are new luxury options in cars such as the BMW X5M, the Audi SQ5 Sportback, and the Cadillac Escalade.

Via: Buymorecoffee

They would come in handy a lot as they would help you take your coffee in the morning on your way to work or more like a frappuccino from Starbucks. Maybe you want to sip a nice cold soda in the back of your ‘05 Corolla on a hot summer afternoon. Just plug this device in the cigarette port and bam you got yourself a heated and cooled cup holder.

7/10 Backup Camera

Backup Camera
Via: RYosha, Shutterstock

Let’s go back to a safety feature that congress made mandatory in 2014. Backup cameras are good to have in any vehicle and you can guess why they’re a legal requirement now.

Backup Camera
Via: Kwangmoozaa, Shutterstock

While some cars have parking sensors that help in tight spaces, having a backup camera is the best way to make sure that you don’t run into somebody when parallel parking. It makes reversing into every spot super easy.

6/10 Remote Start

Compustar Firstech
Via: Amazon

Our next feature on the list may cost a bit more than a backup camera, but a Remote Start from Amazon is money well spent, especially in extreme weather. A remote start lets you start your vehicle before you get in it and lets you blast that AC or heat, so it’s perfect when you jump in. Although many new cars come with remote start, there’s still a surprising amount that still don’t.

Remote Starter
Via: Best Buy

To let you in on a little secret, if you’ve modified your exhaust, you just want to enjoy cold starts from the outside of the car. Get yourself a remote start since this mod is just as convenient as it is cool.

5/10 Magnetic Dog Waste Holder

Dog Garbage & Poop Bags
Via: Amazon

A magnetic car poop bag holder is great for traveling with your K9, or if you are going to a park. You could just put this right onto the back of your car, and put all of your pet poop bags into this simple storage system.

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Magnetic Dumpster Dog Garbage & Poop Bags
Via: Amazon

You might wanna empty this bag from the back of your car before you resume driving.

Keychain car escape tool
Via: Amazon

The emergency keychain car escape tool is a top-rated car safety item you can buy from Amazon for cheap. Maybe you are familiar with similar products from different manufacturers, but they all work in a similar way. These escape tools dabble as a keychain.

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Keychain window breaker car escape tool
Via: Amazon

These items may seem small, but they are powerful and can be life-saving in emergency situations. Let’s say the seatbelt remains stuck after a crash. The tool is a sharp seatbelt cutter and has a powerful window breaker to let you escape or help any survivors you might come across.

3/10 Wireless Charging


Now not all phones have wireless charging, but for those that do, wireless charging in your car is about as convenient as it gets. The only cars these days that come with wireless charging options are super expensive and definitely way out of most gearheads’ budgets.

Wireless Car Charger Mount
Via: Amazon

So what if you wanted to add it to your 15-year-old WRX? Go right ahead. You can buy yourself a car wireless charger for less than 50 bucks on Amazon and that’s sure to beat the 50 grand that you’d spend on a Benz.

2/10 French Fry Holder + Sauce Holder

French Fry holder
Via: Amazon

If you are like us and are constantly on the move, you probably consume a great deal of food in your car. The French fry holder is a piece of pure genius that comes as a cheap solution to cars without a place to put your food. You can set up these products in the front or backseat and you or your passengers can enjoy their french fries at their convenience.

Car Cup Holder Expander
Via: Amazon

These simple items are easy to install for all junkies who would love a treat when on a long road trip. These holders from Amazon can go into the door panels, or extend from a single cup holder.

1/10 Polarized Sun Visor

Car visor
Via: Amazon

A Polarized Sun Visor could be the best sun visor you’ll ever come across. Yes, all cars come with some form of a sun visor, but most are awkward at best. This sun visor is larger than your average default visor and is more flexible to cover any area ahead of you.

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Sun Visor for Car - Polarized
Via: Amazon

For a few bucks, you could protect yourself from sun blindness and other UV rays in a really simple setup. This sun visor easily fits on the existing visor, and you can maneuver it 360 degrees. These visors don’t distort your visibility and can go on the passenger side as well.