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10 Aftermarket Wheels That Look Good On Any Car

10 Aftermarket Wheels That Look Good On Any Car

As car enthusiasts, we crave to personalize our rides to your exact taste. Some like to shove an unhealthy amount of power into their prized possession. Take one of the greatest four-cylinder engines ever made, the K20 built by Honda. This four-banger is nearly bulletproof and a favorite among tuners with the potential to generate an obscene amount of horsepower and torque. Apart from performance upgrades, car enthusiasts also love to enhance their car’s cosmetic appearance.

Apart from buying an affordable car that makes everyone’s heads turn, one of the easiest ways to do that is getting a new set of aftermarket wheels. If you know very little about the world of aftermarket wheels, this space may seem rather intimidating considering the large variety of brands and products to choose from. But don’t worry, apart from all the confusing numbers relating to diameter and offset, it’s rather simple. Therefore, we’ve created this list highlighting some of the best wheels that look good on any car, regardless of price.

10/10 Volk Racing TE37

Volk Racing TE37
Via: Import Monster

The Volk Racing TE37 wheel is arguably the JDM crowd’s favorite aftermarket wheel of all time (or perhaps second). Not only does it look stunning, and come in a variety of different colors, but TE37s are light and incredibly strong.

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R - Volk Racing TE37

Although Volk Racing TE37s elevate any car’s appearance, we’d highly recommend putting them on a Japanese vehicle. Unless you’re into sacrilege and want to cause some drama of course by slapping them onto a Lincoln Town Car, one of the greatest American luxury cars ever.

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9/10 Kansei KNP

Grey Kansei KNP Wheel
Via: Kansei Wheels

The Kansei KNP wheel is one of the best minimalist wheels money can buy. Its five-spoke design, classic stepped lip, and slight concave face make it an incredibly versatile wheel.

Mazda RX-7 FD on Kansei KNP Wheels
Via: Kensei Wheels

Whether you have a purposefully-built race car or just a good-looking street car, you can never go wrong with the Kansei KNP.

8/10 Enkei Raijin

Silver Enkei Raijin Wheels
Via: Enkei Wheels

Personally, we’d say that the Enkei Raijin reminds us heavily of the wheels found on the BMW E92 M3 fitted with the Competition package. And that’s a compliment.

2022 Subaru BRZ - Enkei Raijin Wheels
Via: Fitment Industries

Although the Enkei Raijin’s design might be more in-your-face than the wheels we mentioned before it, it’s still a one-size-fits-all wheel. It’s light, strong, and looks damn near perfect.

7/10 Vossen EVO-3

Vossen EVO-3
Via: Vossen Wheels

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. And by that, we mean the prestigious, rather expensive stuff. There are different Vossen EVO-3 wheels to choose from. One is a three-piece wheel, and the other, is a monoblock structure – we prefer the latter in all honesty.

Audi R8 - Vossen EVO-3
Via: Vossen Wheels

Although these Vossen EVO-3s enhance the appearance of any car, they work best on more expensive cars, though. Just take this gorgeous yellow Audi R8 we have illustrated above; just breathtaking.

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6/10 BBS SR

Satin Gray BBS SR Wheels
Via: BBS Wheels

Once again, we have another brand favored among the tuning community, BBS. But hold your horses, we’re not here to talk about the cliché multi-spoke BBS wheels. Today, we’re shining a light on the BBS SR wheels.

white BMW E92 M3 On Satin Gray BBS SR Wheels
Via: BenLevy.com

To quote BBS, they describe the SR Series as “Elegant sportiness”. They absolutely hit the nail on the head with that. The BBS SR has a timeless, aggressive design. It’s also worth mentioning these BBS SRs are surprisingly easy to clean.

5/10 Anovia Elder

Anovia Elder Wheels
Via: Anovia Wheels

We know we shouldn’t like the Anovia Elder wheels, but we do. They’re almost like the aforementioned Enkei Raijin wheels but diagnosed with scoliosis.

BMW E46 3-Series On Silver Anovia Elder Wheels
Via: Anovia Wheels

Regardless, this remains one of the most popular wheels for 2022. In fact, it’s the most popular wheel on Fitment Industries’ catalog as of writing this article. We can’t put our finger on exactly what makes these Elder wheels so gorgeous, but that’s just another unsolved mystery of the car world.

4/10 Kansei Astro

Kansei Astro
Via: ArtStation

Here’s another wheel that looks rather ordinary at first galnce, but when you have closer look, you start to appreciate the details of the Kansei Astro. Take for instance the massive concave design, complemented by the deep design of the lug area.

2020 Toyota Corolla on Kansei Astro Wheels
Via: Fitment Industries

One of the Kansei Astro’s most praised-worthy features is its versatility. It really fits any vehicle to a T.

3/10 Vossen CVT

Vossen CVT
Via: Vossen Wheels

Another controversial entry on our list of the best all-encompassing wheel is the Vossen CVT. This wheel looks as stellar up close, as it does from afar, and shares some similarities with the aforementioned Anovia Elders.

BMW E80 M3 - Silver Vossen CVT Wheels
Via: Vossen Wheels

The slight tilt in its design is surprisingly not as noticeable up close, as it is from a distance. Regardless, it still stays one of our favorites thanks to its one-of-a-kind styling and expert craftsmanship.

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2/10 Enkei RPF1

Enkei RPF1 Wheel
Via: Enkei Wheels

The Enkei RPF1 and Volks Racing TE37 are arguably the two best wheels for any Japanese car. The RPF1s are light, sturdy, and because they have six pairs of spokes, stress on the wheel is evenly distributed.

1994 Mazda MX-5 Miata - Enkei RPF1 Wheels
Via: Enkei Wheels

One thing which makes the Enkei RPF1 wheels unique is their pocket design. The indent around the bolt circles keeps the wheel cooler while increasing its strength too. Obviously, it looks cool too.

1/10 OZ Racing Superturismo

OZ Racing Superturismo
Via: OZ Racing

Not everyone is the biggest fan of OZ Racing wheels. In all honesty, that’s just because everyone knows them for their rally-inspired wheels (which we absolutely adore by the way) and their contribution to the 24 hours of Le Mans. That said, there are many other wheels OZ Racing crafts, just take the Superturismo wheels for example.

Ford Focus RS - Star Graphite OZ Racing Superturismo Wheels
Via: OZ Racing

These monoblock, multispoke wheels have five different styles they’re offered in to suit any build. The only downside to the OZ Racing Superturismo wheels is that they’re excruciatingly painful to clean.

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